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My top 5 Youtube science channels!

These are my personal favorites of all YouTube channels. It has been encouragement for me to continue with my scientific studies and they keep showing you how awesome everything around us from fire, space and old civilizations is. Together they all share one common interest. They all are in love with science.

Awesome laboration!

Hello awesome people! Two weeks ago I had an awesome laboration that I will tell you about. 😛

If an electrica discharge (electrons that move around due to a potential difference “Voltage”) goes through a gas-filled tube, kinda like lightning. Then there is high probability that some electrons from the electrical discharge will collide with gas molecules and excite the up an electron from the atom to a certain energy (E2) and after about ten raised to minus seven seconds, the excited electron returns to a lower energy level (E1), the excess energy is then converted into a photon that emits in a random direction with an energy that is the difference between the two energy states (E2) and (E1). Energy of the photon is given by hf = E2 – E1. (Beautiful and simple equation right there foks!) Where h is plancks constant and f is the frequency. An important scientific discovery by this was that the light emitted consisted of only certain wavelengths and colors which are different depending on the type of atoms presented in the gas. By refracting the incoming light with a prism one can observe the different colors as crisp columns on a screen.