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Awesome laboration!

Hello awesome people! Two weeks ago I had¬†an awesome laboration that I will tell you about. ūüėõ

If an electrica discharge (electrons that move around due to a potential difference¬†“Voltage”) goes through a gas-filled tube, kinda like lightning. Then there is high probability that some electrons¬†from the electrical discharge will collide with gas molecules and excite the up an electron from the atom to a certain energy (E2) and after about ten raised¬†to minus seven seconds, the excited electron returns to a lower energy level¬†(E1), the excess energy is then converted into¬†a photon¬†that¬†emits¬†in a random direction with an energy that is the¬†difference¬†between the two energy states (E2) and (E1). Energy of the photon is given by¬†hf = E2 – E1. (Beautiful and simple equation right there foks!) Where h is plancks constant and f is the frequency. An important scientific discovery by this was that¬†the light emitted consisted of only certain wavelengths and colors which are different¬†depending on the type of atoms presented in the gas. By refracting¬†the incoming light with a prism one can¬†observe the different colors as crisp columns on a screen.