Evening walk

Happy Midsummer Everyone!

swedish midsummer

Happy B-day siss!

Happy birthday siss! Hope you get an awesome birthday yao! #swagerino yolorino


Hello World!

Hello World! The first thing you type when you start learn about coding in HTML. I’ve been working on this homepage for quite some damn long time now…

And I will probably never get everything done. Because I’m a fucking perfectionist that’ s what I am. I’ll always find something in my work that I can improve. But right now I’m happy about about this page. It’s going to be Awesome, going to blog loads of stuff. Yeah post pictures of my food and clothes and cute kittens!! Ha! This feels like my new born baby. Worked approximately for 9 months time to time on this homepage. And now when I have shat it out I can almost wipe off a tear of joy ūüėČ

And I created it just for the lulz and the joy of getting to be creative and to program!

/Peace out