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Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario Party is a great and fun computer game to play local with your friends. This is just that but with a twist! Lets add some extra rules outside the game and make everything more interesting! All you need to do is find three friends and a pack of beer or any other drinks that contain alcohol. Pour it up in a glass and enjoy a fun night! The rules are simple and shown in the picture below. Play the game together and enjoy!


Am I doing this right?


Hello guys and girls of the world wide web! Made a short youtube video of me owning it up at the games! The game I’m playing is CS:GO and the map is Nuke. It’s my favorite map and I’ve practice on a new peak head shot at ramp. It felt so great when I nailed it the first time that I had to record it and make a video out of it! Enjoy! 😀