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Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario Party is a great and fun computer game to play local with your friends. This is just that but with a twist! Lets add some extra rules outside the game and make everything more interesting! All you need to do is find three friends and a pack of beer or any other drinks that contain alcohol. Pour it up in a glass and enjoy a fun night! The rules are simple and shown in the picture below. Play the game together and enjoy, if you’re into games and you want to try games online you should also visit the olympic kingsway casinos as they have great gambling games for you to enjoy.


Am I doing this right?


Hello guys and girls of the world wide web!¬†Made a short youtube video of me owning it up at the games! The game I’m playing is CS:GO and the map is Nuke. It’s my favorite map and I’ve practice on a new peak head shot at ramp. It felt so great when I nailed it the first time that I had to record it and make a video out of it! Enjoy! ūüėÄ